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  1. At Alcatraz Escape Games you and your teammates are locked in a themed room, filled with puzzles and riddles that will guide your escape. With only 60 minutes on the clock, it is up to you and your teammates to work together to decipher clues and free yourself from the room.
  2. Our escape room adventures are designed to address these challenges in a fun engaging way, so teams can learn and grow toward greater team unity and effectiveness. We create our escape room adventures with specific objectives in mind for great team building events. Each adventure has a.

Each of our 47 mini-games, called Levels, or mini-escape rooms, or challenges, or rooms, create a unique and engaging environment full of unfamiliar puzzles and obstacles for you and your team to solve. To break it down even more, the Labyrinth is a long, winding, hallway with 15 different entry doors. Behind each door is set of rooms with a different challenges inside. Experience the evolution in reality games. You and your team can experience Ninja training, sneak through an enemy minefield or escape an active volcano!!! In the Labyrinth, players will face multi-dimensional challenges that will stump even the best players. Are you smart enough?

Labyrinth Escape Games Utah State

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Escape rooms have been a global phenomenon since the late 2000s and in America since 2012. Since 2015 Labyrinth has been providing high quality escape games in the Pacific Northwest, and licensing games to over ten cities throughout the rest of the country.

We take pride in the effort we put into our designs to guarantee that guests have the best game experience possible. Our years of experience and varied backgrounds give us the ability to create truly unique experiences.

Labyrinth Escape Games Utah

The award-winning Labyrinth team has produced over 70 games across the country, featuring some of the most creative and innovative young game designers in the industry.

Our customers tell us that our escape games are like none other they’ve played before. You be the judge.

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With overwhelming success and fan feedback Labyrinth has been blessed with the ability to grow. We’re always looking for ways to expand our footprint across America; we promise to bring our distinct brand of escape rooms to as many time zones as possible.

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Experimenting with new technology and 4D experiences, Labyrinth promises to continue innovating and pushing the limit of what we can provide for our customers.